Some Client Testimonials
Spacial Save

" We had a website which was in need of updating. We looked for someone with fresh ideas who would understand how to support us in a major redesign. Having placed our request with Club UK Online, VS fitted the bill.

We liked the structure that they produced for us and VS made it easy to update our site ourselves on a regular basis. With the VSBOS system running our internal systems we are delighted at the number of new browser requests we are now getting and at the professional image that our website gives of our company. "

Nigel Dark


Over Summit

" VS not only had a very professional demo site up for our approval in no-time, but they have worked with us to ensure that the final form of the site was exactly as we wanted it.

But by far the best feature of the VS package from my point of view is the sales database that allows me to make changes or additions to the leads whenever it is needed and not have to wait for a rep to do it for me. An excellent service! "

Duncan Taylor


Captains Log

" I think your service has been very fast and efficient, it took very little time to set up, less than a week in fact and it gives my company a much more professional look than my previous site.

It offers the press, trade and the public an easy site to navigate and view the range of tours that we offer. "

John Dooles


Cooper Gogh

"I started up my business, during the second half of 2004. I decided that I needed to offer potential clients a brochure of my work and concluded that because my clients are from all over the world I would be best served by doing this via a website.

Of all the web design companies I approached, VS were the most enthusiastic and were able to offer the best solution for my needs. I was paticularly impressed at how fast they created and updated the site. As a result I can now upload my newest products immediately!

I have recommended VS to many friends with their own businesses and we now have a mini growing community."

Milley Mackay


Panel Systems Limited

" We turned to VS in 2004 to take one of our new products to market via the internet. We already had one web site but sales from new customers we very small.

The sales of the Revostage product rose above £100,000 in a matter of a few months. We now have many web sites which are headed by our new group site and additional service packages from VS. We hope to see similar successes in the coming years. "

David Milnes


Fumex Coshh Service

" We required rapid set up of a web site that would enable our clients to view and access our certificates 24/7 from anywhere in the World.

Within a week VS had us online with a clean and user friendly site that we could update and change. Our web site plays a major part in our business and we have recently enabled our biggest customer to view online documentation at a time that suits them. Our admin costs are highly reduced because of these new facilities. "

Paul Grayson


AKN Gazebos Limited

" WOW The web site looks amazing. Thanks very much for all your help through what we thought would be a complicated process. Everything was done for us, so we needed no experience of the internet at all.

We now have a great web site and a fully updateable shopping area, so new clients can find our products."

Angela Ibbotson


Do My Nails

"15000 visitors a month and growing. Thanks to VS we now have over 800 new customers all generated through the web site. We contact them on a regular basis using the EPubs facility, which is an ethical revolution in customer communications.

The web site has been very successful and its low maintenance, means we can concentrate on keeping our new customers happy. "

Dawn Griffin


Vehicle Window Tints

" I needed a website to help me promote my new small business, which was a total career change. After going on my Vehicle Tinting course, I realised I needed a web site to give me a good start. VS provided me with a website that would allow people to easily access information about me, the products I do and the results of customer purchases. VS provided a basic flash website along with the traffic package.

Since having a great website I dont have to spend a lot of time explaining
about my products and found several new ones too.

I have never had any issues with VS and have recommended them to
all my friends."

Dave Herring


Yorkshire Finance

" We were a new business in a hurry. What we liked about VS was that they helped us set up our site up very quickly (designed and launched in two weeks), using their modular approach. Plus they let us use a third-party designer to add a bit of additional creativity, to really differentiate ourselves.

It's their efficiency, friendly service and flexibility that differentiates them from their competitors in my opinion."

Joseph Winn-Harris


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